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Business School – Supporting Statement

College Admission Examples

Getting into a university is the priority for millions of students worldwide. Every year, thousands of students apply to the university of their dreams, hoping to get into them. But think from the admission officer’s point of view; imagine you had to go through thousands of application forms everyday from excellent, top scoring students, and you had to shortlist them to a handful of students to be accepted. You would start by shortlisting them according to the ones that have got top grades consistently, but then what happens when you are left with all the top scorers and you have to sort even further? This is when the Supporting or Personal statement comes into play. This statement is an opportunity for you to show you personality, your attitude and why/how you would contribute to the school. A good personal statement is not a page or two long, instead it should be short and should highlight all your achievements. In this supporting statement, you also have a chance to show off your other skills and talents; things that do not necessarily relate to the field you have chosen but in a way would help you in it. Below is an example of a Supporting statement for an undergraduate in Business Administration. (more…)

Prom Dresses 2013 Tips

Prom Dresses 2013

Prom Dresses 2013 Trends, Should you Follow Them?

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for since the start of senior high, and the prom of 2013 is finally here, just a few weeks away and it’s getting nearer every passing day. Prom night is the night of every girl’s dream and the most important aspect of it is choosing and wearing the perfect dress. The search for the perfect dress is a hunt taken up by many girls long before prom but what actually makes a perfect prom dress? (more…)

The Importance of After School Programs

After School Programs

After School Programs, Do They Matter?

Since as long as you could remember you’ve been wanting to go to the college of your dreams, so you worked hard, studied and got outstanding grades that put you ahead of all the kids in your class. You may think you’ve secured your place at your dream college but have you ever thought that your dream college might also be a dream for another student just like you? So what would make you stand out from this other person in the eyes of the interviewer? (more…)

Types of Student Loans and Their Pros and Cons

Student Loans

Student loans are a way of life for most aspiring college graduates.  The reality is, higher education is not free.  Professors and university administration do not hand out degrees for free.  On the contrary, a good college education can cost upwards of two to three hundred thousand dollars.  A standard four year degree at a local university can still wind up costing in the neighborhood of 80 thousand or so. (more…)

Going Solo: Todays Norm?

Going Solo

C. Wright Mills explains that sociological imagination is the ability to see and understand the impact of social factors and changes on individuals’ private and public lives. Sociological imagination plays a vital role in the life of a sociologist as, only when we have the ability to look beyond our lives and view the world with a different perspective, do we have the power to escape or destroy our traps. (more…)